Architect by Profession, Practicing Interior Designer, RadchenkoDesign Interior Studio Head

“The interior does not embody any particular style for me: every time is like the first.

Search for exclusiveness and originality is a process that is constantly being updated.”

Since 2012 I have been professionally engaged in interior design. I live and work in Kyiv. My portfolio comprises dozens of implemented interior projects in Ukraine, Russia, Austria. The key direction in my work is the arrangement of space, layout and design of dwellings (apartments, houses, hotels).

“The best interior design solutions with unique design”

I specialize in creating professional interior design of apartments, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools. I also draft offers of architecture of private houses. I personally manage each project, create unique image for each space.
Extensive experience in all areas of interior styles. I design interiors in any style, depending on the wishes, preferences and tastes of the customer, taking full account of the customer’s tasks.

“I’m trying to see the dream of my customers and make such dream come true”

“Every customer is different, and thus the approach to each customer is individualized”


“It is very important in every interior to add a special touch that makes the interior delicious”

My portfolio includes both design of houses and modest-sized apartments. At the very beginning of my career, I worked in different areas. Now, I focus on the new generation of the person being in step with the time. It comprises both the love for open space and original zoning.

The crucial idea is to turn the space, not intended for the living at the first sight, into a corner of comfort.

In the initial stages of my growth, working with classical interiors made it possible to emphasize the standards of beauty, approach to ergonomics, as well as to rethink and convert them into a modern shape.


  • Sense of taste and sense of proportion

Good taste does not tolerate excessive pretentiousness.

  • Conform lighting

Achieving visual comfort is one of the main tasks in the interior lighting. Light should be used where it is needed.

  • Natural materials

The use of natural materials in combination with modern technologies.

  • Proper arrangement of space

Open space to the greatest possible extent, with “islands” of a private zone of comfort

  • There is no particular style – there is a personal touch.

“A good design of your home is the atmosphere inspiring for the best image”


“Design is not just a job, it’s a hobby”

The interior does not embody any particular style for me: every time is like the first. Search for exclusiveness and originality is a process that is constantly being updated.

I am in the process of continuous improvement and evolution of the creative and technical developments, but at the same time I have a well-thought and well-proven approach to the design scheme, which allows me as soon as possible to start the process of creating the interior design and implementing it.

I do not run after fashion, it comes and goes, I am helping to make your unique style in which you will feel comfortable and which inspires you to make new achievements and discoveries in you.


I’m quite open to the use of colors in the interior. A smart approach is of key importance! Color should be added if it is really justified. Adding color becomes a part of the project, if it is not needed I recommend not using it.